Yo-Kai Watch


NOTE – Do not directly repost the links to the below download sources.  Share this page instead.  Also, reposting of downloaded models anywhere is not permitted.  These are the only authorized download sources.
Download via Sta.sh
Download via Dropbox

Komasan is a Komainu (though more closely resembling a shiba inu) with long, blue fiery eyebrows that look similar to Hitodama flames.  Komasan is an ice cream-loving Yo-kai from the countryside. After his shrine was demolished, he wandered into the city in search of soft serve ice cream.  Komasan is portrayed as a “country bumpkin”, unaware of the goings-on of city life. He tries his best to learn as much as he can to present himself as a good role model to his younger brother, Komajiro (source).

Build from the top of the head down, attaching the eyebrows as you get to them.  Be sure to build the knot for the bag before the arms, as the arms will get in the way otherwise.

Due to the extra weight of the bag and the tail, you will need to add some weight to the front of the model for it to stand properly.  Built properly, the tail may also help the model to balance properly.

If you want to build Komajiro instead, there is an alternate texture file included.


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