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Veemon is a Dragon Digimon. It is a new species of Digimon that was discovered recently. As a survivor of a species that flourished in the Genesis of the Digital World, it is able to perform “Armor Digivolution”, a “pseudo-digivolution” using the Digi-Eggs. Among others, Veemon is an excellent Combat Species, as it possesses hidden power, and demonstrates tremendous abilities by Armor Digivolving. Although it has a mischievous, prank-loving personality, it has another side with a strong sense of justice (source).

Veemon is not overly difficult for the most part, and would be of normal difficulty if it wasn’t for the hands.  For the most part, build from the head down, attaching the ears and spikes as you reach them.  Be careful with the teeth as they are quite small.  It is better to attach the teeth before starting on the lower jaw.

Build the arms from the elbow down.  Be extra careful with the fingers.  Glue them all together, but begin attaching to the hand before gluing the final finger.  The left hand is extremely difficult because of the pose of the fist, but a lot of the details will be obscured by the pose, so you probably don’t have to do it perfectly.

Keep working down, and close at the bottom of one of the feet.  It may be a good idea to add weight to the front of the feet, as he otherwise might stand on his heels.


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