Gummymon and Chocomon




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Gummymon is a Lesser Digimon whose name is derived from “Gummy”, and as such is very squishy. It grew up from Zerimon. As it inherited an exceedingly energetic personality from Zerimon, it is both cheerful and lively. Although it is growing, it’s squishy because its body tissue is as unstable as usual, but just like Zerimon its horn portion has hardened, and it intimidates the opponent with headbutts. Its greatest change from Zerimon is that it has a body and ear-like objects coming out of its head (source).

Chocomon is a Lesser Digimon whose names are derived from “chocolate”, and as such it is brown. It grew up from Conomon. The personalities of the robust-natured Gummymon and the docile Chocomon are opposites, but they get along very well, and always act in unison. It is an existence of unified mind and flesh, such that if you temporarily separate the two, it will weaken due to too much loneliness (source).

This is a very easy model.  Just start from the head and build down, attaching the ears as you get to them, and closing at the base.

The PDO is designed for Gummymon.  If you want to build Chocomon instead, an alternate texture for him is included.  Just change the texture in the PDO, and build and attach the three smaller horns instead of the one.


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