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Bounsweet is a small Pokémon resembling a mangosteen. Most of its body is pinkish-purple with a short, white skirt around its waist. It has beady yellow eyes and two tiny legs. On top of its head is a green calyx. This structure consists of four leafy green formations and a short stem.  This Pokémon exudes a delicious smell from its entire body, which has made it popular with people of the Alola region. This scent has a calming effect on people, so they are often used as living air fresheners. However, its sweet scent has also caused it to be swallowed whole by other Pokémon, especially Toucannon. While fleeing danger, Bounsweet skips along in a way that does not convey its desperation. As a result, no one ever comes to help it. It has been known to drive away enemies by rotating its calyx, but it becomes dizzy afterward (source).

For the most part, Bounsweet is a straightforward build. Aside from some tricky angles in the leaves, and the detail in the bottom area, she would be an easy one. The leaves and the body are built and closed separately, then glued together.

Build the leaves first – start from the top of the stem, and build down. Attach the tops of the leaves, building out to the tips, and then close on the bottom of the leaves. Then, start building the body from the top down. Glue the leaves to the body before closing it, because you will need to apply pressure from the inside to get it to stick right.

You can easily stick the feet to the bottom once the body is closed. Naturally, she won’t stand on her own due to the small size of her feet.


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