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Greymon is a Dinosaur Digimon. Its cranial skin has hardened so that it is covered in a rhinoceros beetle-like shell. It is an extremely aggressive monster, with a rough disposition and a body like a lethal weapon covered in sharp claws and gigantic horns which tear through everything, and it is most excellent among Dinosaur Digimon as a Combat Species. As for why a Dinosaur Digimon is in the Metal Empire, it seems to still be a mystery. However, it is highly intelligent for its appearance, and if you’re able to tame it then there probably isn’t any monster as strong. The Greymon that inhabit the Folder Continent don’t have frenzied personalities, and because of their great intellect they are able to use fighting styles that rely on cooperation and coordinated attacks with their comrades (source).

This model has some quite difficult parts. Start from the head, and work your way down. Attach the teeth when you get there – be careful with them, they’re super tiny. The horns are glued flat against the head, but are more difficult to attach then they appear to be due to the curvature of the head.

The arms are probably the most difficult part. Build the hands separately, starting with the claws, and then build the rest of the arm from the shoulder down, attaching on the forearms last.

Continue to build down after finishing the arms, attaching the legs and tail – you can close on either the bottom of his feet or the tip of the tail. The weight of the head and the tail balances out quite well, so you won’t need to add any weight for him to stand.


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