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Nihilego is an Ultra Beast which resembles a jellyfish. It is mostly white and has tentacles shaped like the hair, dress, and legs of a girl. The top of its head is a bell that resembles a sun hat. The bell is transparent save for six pointed stars around the crown, and the brim has a blue edge. The ends of the “hair” fly out, resembling arms, and the outer tentacles of the “dress” have two bubbles inside. Nihilego is a parasitic organism, capable of injecting a neurotoxin that subtly alters the thoughts and actions of any human or Pokémon that becomes its host. This neurotoxin stimulates intense feelings of excitement while causing a loss of inhibitions, which acts to forcibly bring out any latent potential within the host while wearing away at their minds (source).

Build the model from the bottom up, but build the tentacles separately, each of them from the top down. Start with the bottom-most tentacles, and build the first ring up the body around them, then continue upward. Attach each of the remaining tentacles before continuing to build up.

The “head” can be a bit more difficult, as the frilled area will have to be folded carefully in order to get it to maintain its shape. Close the model at the top of the head.


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