Fire Crab


Harry Potter


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The Fire Crab is a large, turtle-like crab creature native to the island of Fiji. It has six legs, and a heavily jewelled shell, with different colours. It is able to defend itself by shooting flames from its rear end when it is attacked. The Fire Crab is a protected species, and a reservation has been created to protect this species from Muggles, who would value the jewelled shell, and wizards who use the shells as cauldrons. Fire Crabs are sold and exported as pets, but the owners require a special licence. The Ministry of Magic states that a competent wizard should be able to cope with this animal (source).

To build the fire crab, build the head and shell separately.  Build the shell from the top down, building and attaching the feet before closing at the bottom.  Build the butt when you get to it, folding is especially important there for appearance, and for getting the pieces to align properly.  The head is built from the nose outward, following the tabs.  Attach the head to the shell when you get that far.

Finally, finish the model by attaching the legs and the gems.

The jewel texture is separate from the rest of the crab’s, so you can easily alter the texture and make a crab with whatever color jewels you like.


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