Giant Orange Snail


Harry Potter


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The Giant Orange Snail, also known as Poisonous Snails, is a large gastropod with a yellow body and a mostly orange shell. Their shells are orange with black stripes and have spikes on them. These snails are slow, but secrete a trail of acid that burns whatever it touches, originating a dangerous trail of fire in their wake. They will attack humans if they get too near. They might be related to the Streeler (source).

This model is pretty straightforward, just start with the shell, building from the center out.  The spiral shape of the shell can cause the pieces to get a bit confusing in places, so refer to the PDO to keep yourself straight.

Then, build the body.  Be careful with the antennae, as they are narrow, and the only reason I didn’t rate this model as easy.  Close at the base of the model.  Attach the spikes last – notice dark spots on the shell where the spikes should be.


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