Hello, everybody.

I go by the name Rakogis, and I’m a papercraft builder since August 2012, and am currently a papercraft designer.  I started design because I wanted a Shaymin for my desk.  I found a papercraft model of one online, built it, and found that I enjoyed it so much that I built more models.  I have now built over 150 models, and design my own patterns too, which I release on this site.

Aside from papercraft, I’m a computer programmer, gamer, hobby writer of fiction (you can read many of my stories on my other blog, whiterakogis.wordpress.com), cosplayer of creature characters, and all-around crazy person.

The art of papercraft/pepakura is still rather obscure, so I have made it my mission to do my part, spreading the word about the artform, inspiring more people to try, and show them the power of paper.  I do this by holding panels at various conventions, and by posting tutorials on YouTube.

You can see my full collection of models on Facebook or my DeviantArt page.

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