I do accept commissions for papercraft patterns.  If you’re interested, please send me a message on my contact page, or a private message on Facebook or note on DeviantArt.

Read below for more details, and my commission terms.  Note that by commissioning me, you are agreeing to all of the terms written below.

When are commissions open?

I want to be as available for people who want patterns as possible.  That being said, I do have a full-time day job, so I do have to place limits on how much I can take.  Typically, I will take a maximum of one commission at a time, and accept no more than one per month.  But I may take more or less depending on how I’m feeling, and other things going on in my life.

If you want to know my current status, please ask me.

What are your prices?

Currently, my prices are as follows:

  • $10 for a tier 1 commission.  Tier 1 commissions require no 3D editing work, such as if a ready-to-unfold 3D model is provided, or for a recolor or resize of one of my existing models.
  • $25 for a tier 2 commission.  Tier 2 commissions are commissions for most patterns of low to average difficulty.
  • $40 for a tier 3 commission.  Tier 3 commissions are commissions with more complex patterns, ones that require creating the model from scratch, or ones that have specific, unusual requirements from the commissioner.

I will also charge a $15 surcharge for models that cannot be released publicly (i.e. original characters).

All of the above prices are in USD.

My prices are non-negotiable.  However, I do accept trades, and can offer discounted or free commissions if you have something nice to offer.

What commissions do you accept?

I can be a bit fussy on what I’ll accept due to my current skill level.  In general, I am most likely to accept models similar to what I’ve designed before.

I do keep several caches of 3D models I set aside for future unfolds – if the subject you want is in one of these caches, I’ll almost certainly accept it.  Otherwise, I’d have to search for it or design the model from scratch (which raises the price tier).

You can also provide me a 3D model file to start with – any format would do, though OBJ or Blender files are preferred.  This also might reduce the price tier of the commission, especially if the model is low poly.  However, if you provide a model, I will need to know where you got the model from before I agree to work with it.

Also, I will not work with NSFW content – please keep the commissions PG-13.

What are commission vouchers?

I sometimes give away “commission vouchers” as prizes or gifts.  These can be exchanged for free commissions of a tier less than or equal to that of the voucher, or a discount on a higher tier commission.

What do I get if I commission you?

I only accept commissions for papercraft patterns, I will not send or sell any actual builds.  If you commission me, I will design a pattern for you, testbuild it, and send you a copy of the pattern.  You’ll have exclusive access to the model for a period of three months and I will not publicly release the model until one year after I post the picture of my build.

Throughout the commission, I will show update pictures and give you plenty of opportunities for feedback.  I will require your approval before I start testbuilding, as once I do, the model file can no longer be changed except to correct flaws I find during my testbuild.

I will not testbuild models based closely enough on a previous model I already testbuilt (such as a recolor or a resize).

How do you want payment?

You must pay me in full before I start the commission.  Currently, I only accept payment via PayPal.  Once you’re ready for payment, I can email you a PayPal invoice or my PayPal email.

I will discuss the payment terms regarding trades on a case-by-case basis.

Can the commission be cancelled/refunded?

You’re welcome to cancel it, but I do not offer refunds.  I also reserve the right to cancel a commission if you’re being rude, unreasonable, dishonest with me, or otherwise violating my terms.

I may also cancel a commission if I discover some unforeseen problem that prevents me from finishing it.  This is the only case where I will give a full refund.  If the commission was paid via trade, and the trade cannot be refunded, I will give the refund in the form of commission vouchers.

If a commission is cancelled, I retain all rights to whatever work I’ve done on it, and thus, I reserve the right to finish it on my own later, or make my own version of it, if I so choose.

All cancellations are final.

When will the commission be ready?

I try to work as fast as I can, but I do have a full-time day job, and a lot of my own projects I work on too.  I’m a firm believer that if I rush it, it will come out wrong.  Also, keep in mind that a particularly complex model can take months to get right.  I make no promises regarding delivery date.

If you have a hard date, it must be stated before the commission starts.  But I loathe deadlines, so this makes me much less likely to accept the commission.