Panel Documents

Here are download links for many of the documents used during my presentation, Pepakura: The Art of Papercraft.

The presentation: Link
The handout: Link
Sample Patterns: Link

The sample patterns provided here are PDF copies of five of my patterns, which have been slightly modified for accessibility purposes. An edge ID PDF is included for instructions when Pepakura Viewer is not available (such as if you’re working from a mobile device), though the PDO is also included. When printing these, it is highly recommended to use higher weight paper if available (28-32 lb/105-120 gsm).

Of these provided patterns, Pyukumuku and Gummymon are very easy beginner-friendly patterns. Amaura is also easy to assemble, but the instructions are a little more involved. Bounsweet is a bit more difficult, and Veemon is recommended only for more experienced or confident builders.

Aside from paper, all you need to assemble one of these patterns is a pair of scissors and some glue. For glue, please avoid using washable glues or gluesticks (Elmer’s Glue All works fine). To read the PDO, a copy of Pepakura Viewer 4 or higher is needed (download here), though this is not requited to build the patterns based on these files.

Additional patterns can be acquired from my main site, at Note that patterns downloaded from my main site do not include PDFs and thus, require Pepakura Viewer.

Note that the presentation is provided as a reference only. Do not use it for an actual presentation without explicit permission from Rakogis Papercraft.