Paperthon is an annual contest I hold every August to celebrate my anniversary of starting Papercraft.  Each Paperthon consists of a series of challenges and puzzles that can be completed to win Rakogis Medallions, which can be redeemed for great prizes.

Paperthon 2016

Paperthon 2016 was held on DeviantArt during August 2016.  It consisted of four challenges.

If you attempt the challenges for fun, you can find the answers here.

Paperthon 2017

Paperthon 2017 will be held August 2017, and was held across several sites, allowing people to participate without any accounts.  It consists of seven puzzle challenges.

  • The first trial!
  • The second trial!
  • The third trial!
  • The fourth trial!
  • The fifth trial!
  • The sixth trial!
  • The seventh trial!